About Catalogue

Catalogue Raisonné is an ongoing project inaugurated by the FANGOR Foundation to document the artistic practice of Wojciech Fangor (1922-2015).

The Catalogue consists of four main parts: paintings, spatial works, prints and photographs, arranged chronologically. Within each year, alphabetical order has been used, which, in the case of numbered paintings, makes it possible to reconstruct the exact sequence of the works’ creation. The works cover the years 1936-2015, including the early period of the artist’s career lasting until his first individual exhibition in 1949 (E.1949.1).

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of Fangor’s oeuvre, all groups are presented on a common timeline, highlighting the close connections between the individual works. Unlike traditional printed Catalogues Raisonnés, the digital form of the Catalogue allows for organic reconfigurations of the collection based on networked groups of filters. The filters include: periods of Fangor’s artistic activity expressed in decades, classifications spread across specific fields, collaborations with other artists within a closely knit artistic community, and keywords describing the main themes that define the artist’s oeuvre. Filtering allows the use of cross-referencing of multiple selections in conjunction with search terms. Catalogue Raisonné is integrated with the Exhibitions and Bibliography databases based on the individual numbers found in each collection.

Submit a Work
We encourage all private and institutional owners of Wojciech Fangor artworks to complete and submit the Artwork Information Form available electronically or as a PDF file.

All information provided is subject to special protection. The Foundation ensures confidentiality if requested by the owner. Each submission will be carefully analyzed by the team of experts, art historians, and monographers. The owners will be informed about the inclusion of the submitted works in the Catalogue Raisonné, or if additional information or research is required.

Development of the Catalogue Raisonné
Within the first stage of Wojciech Fangor’s Catalogue Raisonné research programme completed between 2014 and 2021, most of the artist’s paintings were inventoried. The author of the first electronic version of the Catalogue Raisonné published in 2021 on the Foundation’s website was Katarzyna Jankowska-Cieślik. In 2023, the FANGOR Foundation launched the second phase of work on the Catalogue by publishing a new digital edition of the Catalogue Raisonné. The substantive editing of paintings, research study of spatial realisations, prints and photographs is carried out by Maciej Harland-Parzydło.