The artist’s heirs own the international intelectual property rights to all of Wojciech Fangor’s works of art, texts and photographs. All requests for sharing or the use of images must be reviewed and approved by owners before any publication. The Foundation acts as an intermediary in contact with the owners. Please direct enquiries to:

FANGOR Foundation
ul. Antoniego Edwarda Odyńca 47
02-606 Warsaw

Each reproduction must be accompanied by a description including at least: the author’s name, title, date of creation and the © FANGOR Foundation note. Depending on the intended purpose of use, the Foundation provides low-resolution files for the Internet (72 ppi resolution, maximum size 2000 x 2000 pixels). High-resolution images are intended for print or film productions. No modification or cropping of the files is allowed without the Foundation’s consent. It is not allowed to permanently store the provided materials in databases or to pass them on to third parties.

Wojciech Fangor Archive
If you are interested in using the images published as part of the digital Wojciech Fangor Archive, please contact the Artists’ Archive Team at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw:

The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw
Artists Archive Department
Maciej Harland-Parzydło