For Collectors

Over the last decade as a result of the rapid rise in market value and public interest of Wojciech Fangor’s work, there has been an increase in the number of falsifications of the artist’s works. Many pieces, particularly from the iconic period of Illusory Paintings (1957-1974), have found their way into the hands of private collectors, through private galleries including Gres Gallery and Galerie Chalette in New York, Galerie Springer in Berlin and the London-based Grabowski Gallery. Not all of these works are accompanied by the known images or confirmed details of their current location. In some instances, the paintings, offered for sale and supported by believable provenance and ownership history, turn out to have no connection with Fangor’s work upon closer examination.

FANGOR Foundation, dedicated to preservation of the integrity and authenticity of Wojciech Fangor’s oeuvre, aims to counteract such undesirable incidents. In order to protect the heritage of the artist’s cultural and intellectual creation, the Foundation supports the collectors, auction houses and public institutions interested in the purchase or sale of the works in the authentication process, using our detailed knowledge and available identification tools, The Foundation does not sell or mediate in the valuation and sale of works by Wojciech Fangor.

Catalogue Raisonné
Since 2015, the FANGOR Foundation has been working on the development of Fangor’s Catalogue Raisonné. It has been conducting research on Wojciech Fangor’s work based on the archival resources, historical materials and museum, gallery and private collections from around the world.

We encourage all private and institutional owners of Wojciech Fangor artworks to complete and submit the Artwork Information Form available electronically or as a PDF file.

All information provided is subject to special protection. The Foundation ensures confidentiality if requested by the owner. Each submission will be carefully analyzed by the team of experts, art historians, and monographers. The owners will be informed about the inclusion of the submitted works in the Catalogue Raisonné, or if additional information or research is required.

FANGOR Foundation supports institutions and collectors in the care, preservation and restoration of Wojciech Fangor’s artwork. The Foundation does not provide or recommend specific conservation treatments. It offers assistance in finding qualified restorers, experienced in working on the artist’s heritage.

FANGOR Foundation does not sell the artist’s work directly. Since 2017, the Foundation has been collaborating with GNYP Gallery, located in Berlin and Antwerp. GNYP Gallery is an authorized partner of the Foundation, actively promoting Wojciech Fangor’s oeuvre through the organization of exhibitions and publication of catalogs.

GNYP Gallery
Knesebeckstraße 96
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