Pre-preview of “MSzN” sculpture

  • Dates 15—20 November 2022
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  • Venue Defilad Square, Warsaw
  • Collection Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw

“MSzN” is a sculpture designed by Fangor in 2015 especially for the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, shortly before the artist’s death. Produced exactly according to the author’s design, the work has never yet been presented to the public. It was made for the MSN by Andrzej Kaczmarczyk, a long-time collaborator of Wojciech Fangor. Fangor’s spatial projects have always been characterised by momentum – from the frieze designed together with Henryk Tomaszewski during the 1955 World Youth Congress in Warsaw to the decorations of the walls of the second underground line. At the special request of the MSN, the artist designed a spatial arrangement of letters (the titular “M”, “Sz” and “N”) almost 4 metres high, which were made of steel covered in white paint, with black paint marking the inner contour. As part of the celebrations marking the centenary of Wojciech Fangor’s birth, the “MSzN” sculpture will be on display for six days (from 15 to 20 November) on Plac Defilad (near the entrance to the Studio Theatre).

“MSzN” will be included in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, thanks to the patronage of EY and Allegro, among others. The location of the exhibition is no coincidence – it is on Plac Defilad that the Museum’s new location will open in 2024. The MSN building, which is currently under construction, will also house the Artists’ Archive, consisting of the Wojciech Fangor Archive donated to the Museum by the artist’s family.