Wojciech Fangor: Spatial composition / Study of space, 1957

Spatial composition / Study of space, 1957

Paint, fibreboard Variable dimensions

Central Bureau of Artistic Exhibitions, Warsaw
Photo The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw – Wojciech Fangor Archive
Fabricators / Collaborators Oskar Hansen, Stanisław Zamecznik
Provenance Whereabouts unknown
  • II Wystawa Sztuki Nowoczesnej. Exhibition Catalogue. Warsaw: Centralne Biuro Wystaw Artystycznych, 1957.
Critical Comments Environment made on the site of the exhibition as part of the "II Wystawa Sztuki Nowoczesnej" at the Central Bureau of Artistic Exhibitions, Warsaw, 1957.
Quotes The organisation of the space using pre-stressed concave-convex fibreboards painted in black or white. The composition begins outside the Zachęta building with a black panel suspended above the entrance staircase, continues inside in the hall above the main staircase and ends in the hall on the first floor with a spatial connection of two panels: a white one on the floor and a black one suspended above it.