Wojciech Fangor: Model CS 5, 1964

Model CS 5, 1964

Paint, cardboard Variable dimensions, three components; height of each component: 30 cm

Photo The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw – Wojciech Fangor Archive
Provenance Unknown private collection
  • Nestler, Peter and Heinz Ohff. 2 Maler + 2 Bildhauer als Gäste der Ford Foundation in Berlin. Exhibition Catalogue. Berlin: Amerika Haus, 1965.
Critical Comments Model for Stressed Surface Painted Structures.
Environment executed for the exhibition 'Wojciech Fangor, Ruth Franken, Gerard Koch, Mercedes Kruschewsky. 2 painters + 2 sculptors as guests of the Ford Foundation in Berlin" at the Amerika Haus, Berlin, 1965.