Mailing list regulations

The following regulations define the principles of receiving information as part of the FANGOR Foundation‚Äôs mailing lists, which includes the Foundation‚Äôs newsletter.

  1. The services are provided by the FANGOR Foundation located at OdyŇĄca 47, 02-206 Warsaw, entered in the KRS register at no. 0000548150, NIP tax id number: 5252612722, REGON: 361012957.
  2. The use of the Services is voluntary, free and of unlimited duration.
  3. In order to provide the Services, the Foundation obtains email addresses from interested persons (hereafter: Users).
  4. The Services include sending a Foundation newsletter ‚Äď which contains information about the Foundation‚Äôs activities in a given month ‚Äď to the email address provided by the User.¬†
  5. The User orders the Service by entering the User‚Äôs email address in the appropriate field on the website (Subscribe to our newsletter).
  6. Clicking the confirmation button will add the User‚Äôs email address to the given Service‚Äôs recipient list.
  7. The User can unsubscribe from the given Service by sending an email to:
  8. You can find more information on personal data and its correction or erasure in the FANGOR Foundation‚Äôs Privacy Policy.